What To Expect During A Fire Door Inspection

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Fire doors offer buildings protection against fires when they arise. They hold back fire and smoke, giving those in the building a chance to successfully escape, without facing the possibly deadly consequences of a fire. Inspections are necessary to ensure health and safety measures are up to standard. Capital Fire Doors offers fire door inspections that help ensure you are up to code and do not suffer the brunt of the authorities. You should have an entrance inspection at least once every twelve months. The following is what you can expect during an inspection:


An entrance inspection will include evaluating the location of the fire doors in a building. Safety codes determine where the doors should be placed in a building. The inspection will hence ensure the doors are in the best locations to allow safe evacuations while preventing the spread of fire and smoke within the building.

entrances and frames should be properly labeled while showing the door manufacturer and the protection rating by the manufacturer. Improper labeling should be fixed immediately after an inspection. The doors should also have a closer and panic hardware which will be checked during an inspection.

Hinges and Seals

 An exit inspection should consist of a thorough check of the door hinges. The door should have at least three hinges, and all are in good condition. The screws or nails on the hinges should be in place and have no damage that may allow any leakage.

The door seals should also be free from damage and not be painted over. The seals should run all around the door to ensure they offer enough protection against smoke which can leak through and cause significant harm.

Who Does The Inspection?

An inspection should be done by a certified inspector. Some companies will have someone in the firm who is qualified to perform the inspection. However, most companies choose to outsource the inspection to a third party. There are many companies and freelancers able to perform the inspection.

The person or company performing the inspection should have knowledge, training, and experience in performing the inspection. Otherwise, the safety inspectors will render your doors unsafe.

Inspection Report

After an  inspection, you should expect an inspection report. The report will include a separate page for each door, including a checklist for all issues evaluated during the inspection. The report will include details like the door location, type of door, fire rating, and inspection date.

An inspection report may also include picture evidence of the doors in addition to the inspection sheet. The photos will be labeled to identify the door, the location of the issue with the door, and its condition. A more detailed report will make it easier for you to fix the problems and be up to code.

You can expect the four things above and more during an inspection. The point is to be ready for the inspection and the repairs to come afterwards. Contact  Capital Fire Doors for a fire door inspection.


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