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In our previous articles, we mentioned that painting your stucco will add aesthetic appeal to your home and offer a layer of protection from the elements. But, many different types of stucco paint are on the market, so you may have difficulty finding the right one for your needs. This blog post will discuss the best types of stucco paint available today.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint’s components are water-based, making it a popular choice for stucco since it can be easily applied and doesn’t require special ventilation like oil-based paints. Additionally, acrylic paint is less likely to fade in sunlight and can withstand extreme temperatures. Moreover, it is thoroughly absorbent and often used because it can penetrate deeper into the stucco. This low-cost paint option does an excellent job of preventing moisture from seeping through and causing bubbles or discoloration. Additionally, it is durable and will maintain its color for a long time. Although it dries quickly, it does not adhere to stucco or other options on the market. However, this product falls short in its waterproofing abilities compared to similar products available today.

Elastomeric Paint

Elastomeric paint is a high-quality stucco paint made of acrylic and latex. It is a popular choice because it can be applied in thick layers, providing a durable barrier against the elements. This product is also waterproof and can resist mold and mildew growth. Additionally, elastomeric paint has high elasticity, meaning it will not crack or peel over time. Furthermore, it is breathable, which allows stucco to breathe and prevents moisture buildup. Nevertheless, this stucco paint option is more expensive than other products on the market and can be challenging to apply correctly. It needs at least 72 hours to cure and should only be used in temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Masonry Paint

Choosing masonry paint is a popular choice because of its ability to adhere well to stucco siding and other types of Masonry, it’s a popular choice. It fits in the middle between acrylic and elastomeric paint options based on flexibility and surface protection while being very cost-effective. Additionally, it lasts without wearing down quickly and resists things like mildew or moisture damage.

Remember that you’ll likely have a limited color palette to choose from with this type of paint, so find the perfect shade for your exterior walls while you still can. Otherwise, finding a close match for future touch-ups might be difficult.

Your Stucco Contractor Can Help

Relax- your chosen stucco contractor Orlando will help you determine which paint is best for your budget and the climate. They have more experience and knowledge in painting stucco exteriors than anyone, so there’s no need to worry about a thing. Plus, they’ll be applying the paint, too- something else you won’t have to stress over. Hiring professionals to paint your stucco will save you the time, stress, and headache of choosing and applying the paint yourself. Although it may seem like a DIY project, working with experts in stucco painting always produces better results.


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