Small Wind Turbines For Homes – 3 Steps to Producing Free Electricity For Your Home

Small Wind Turbines For Homes – 3 Steps to Producing Free Electricity For Your Home

Wind turbines are fast catching on with most home owners who are worried by the way electricity prices are heading. Today, many companies are selling small wind turbines for homes which can cost you $3000 for a complete system. But there is a much more affordable way of using wind energy for your house electricity – build your own turbine!

It is interesting to note that people are still spending thousands of dollars to purchase a commercial wind turbine when they can actually build a similar system from home with just under $200 worth of material and a few hours of their time.

Here are the 3 steps to start producing electricity for your home using the free and abundant wind energy:

#1: Getting the right set of instructions to build a home wind turbine system

There are a number of do-it-yourself wind turbine plans available from the Internet and some hardware stores. These will provide you with the proper step-by-step instructions to obtain necessary materials and build a small wind turbine system from home.

Of course, I advise you to shop wisely and choose the right instruction guide that provides you clear steps that you can follow with no problems whatsoever.

#2: Getting the necessary materials to build the wind turbine

With a proper instruction guide in your hands, your next step is acquiring the materials needed to build the various parts of the wind turbine. This is the beauty of home made small wind turbines; most of the items needed could be obtained from the scrap yard, so the cost of building the turbine is considerably low.

#3: Putting the parts together over the weekend

You do not need any special tools to assemble the wind turbine parts together. Just simple tools like a saw, drillset, and screwdriver would normally suffice. So if you are already handy with basic tools, you are as good to go. Otherwise, I would advise you to get a friend or family member involved to help out with the tools.

It is that simple to build a small wind turbine for your home. You just need a few hours of your spare time and you should have the wind producing electricity for your home soon after.


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