Police evacuate senior apartment after possible gunshot heard


Police say they heard a loud boom come from the room they were sent to investigate but are still unable to confirm if it came from a gun or something else.

FINDLAY, Ohio — After an hours-long standoff, Police in Findlay arrested a woman after responding to reports of shots fired coming from one of the rooms at a senior apartment complex on Saturday evening.

According to Findlay police responded to a shots fired call around 5 p.m. at the Findlay Senior Tower Apartment on Bright Rd.

When officers responded a short time later, they attempted to make contact with whomever was in the room they were sent to investigate but received no answer. 

Afterwards police say they heard a loud noise coming from the room, possibly a gunshot and possibly aimed at the front door.

Out of an abundance of caution, nearby residents in the building were evacuated at which time another possible gun shot was heard followed by arguing.

Police then tried to contact whomever was in the room but they refused to exit the apartment.

After an hours-long standoff, police were able to get a female resident out of the room using tear gas. 

No one else was in the apartment.

A search of the apartment yielded illegal drug paraphernalia.

Police say there are no injuries to report.

It’s unclear what charges the woman will face if any.

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