Get the Best Handmade Cushion Covers for Your Office

Seating problems, back pain and difficulty of standing after sitting for a long period of time are some of the struggles when working in an office. This is mainly caused by the chair you are using and the cushions you use to support your upper and lower back. If not acknowledged, this will manipulate your posture in harmful and unpleasant ways. We know you are diligent and consistent with your work, but we also care for your well-being. If you are facing all these struggles mentioned, there is no need to change the chair. The seat cushion can solve your problem.

The best seat cushion can meet everyone’s diverse seating needs; providing better alignment for your spine, reducing stress and helping your blood circulate well. If you work in an office and you spend a long time sitting in your office chair and just staring at your desktop while having trouble with your existing back pain, a perfectly designed Yorkshire Fabric Shop handmade cushion can help you sit comfortable for a long time.

Here are considerations in choosing best handmade cushion covers for your office.

  1. Non-slip Cushion

We are talking about stability here. The best handmade cushions can stay in place without slipping. Usually, you will find a rubber non-slip cushion. There are some handmade cushion belts or straps attached, so you can fix the seat cushion directly to the chair. Two seat cushions that support the backrest should have at least two straps to firmly fix the seat cushion. The strap keeps the cushion in the desired position, but it is easier to fix the cushion on the chair than to keep the cushion from one position to another. If movement is important, consider purchasing a lighter cushion.

2. Back Cushion that promotes good posture

U-shaped cushions are more effective than using chairs to improve the neutral posture of the spine and improve user comfort. The best handmade cushions help relieve back and neck pain. It is most of the back and spine support, and handmade cushions are needed to promote good posture. Good posture helps keep the spine straight and activates the muscles that support the lower back. In order to make the most of your posture while sitting, you should make sure that your knees are not at a 90-degree below the hip joint when you are sitting. The backrest cushion allows you to easily prevent the pelvis from rotating, just like the spine bends into a C shape.

  • Cushion Thickness

When choosing the thickness of the cushion, this will affect user’s body shape. Thickening the cushion will affect the ergonomic settings of your work space. Adding a few inches of cushioning will change the way your legs touch the floor and place your arms on the armrests.

The typical thickness of the handmade cushions for your chair is 2 to 3 inches. If the cushion is too soft or too light, compressing too much cushion may lose benefits. Skinny people with fewer natural cushions should place a cushion on the lumbar spine to take advantage of the cushion design.

In addition, the height of the chair is also different. Putting your knees under the table will affect the space.

  • Curved Sections

Many seat cushions are not flat. Instead, sculpt a curve where the user is sitting. These curves are contours, which will affect the distribution of pressure in the seat and the comfort of the cushion to the user. If the contour of the handmade cushions fits the shape of the user’s chair, the weight will be evenly distributed, thereby reducing tissue deformation and pressure. Appropriate foam or gel helps the contours to hug the user’s body correctly and reduces the pressure they feel when sitting on a chair without additional cushioning support.

  • Size dimensions

Some of these cushions are designed for use in larger office chairs, while others can be installed in smaller aircraft seats. Before buying, check your size and make sure that the handmade cushion fits your chair. The typical size of a seat cushion is about 17 inches x 14 inches, but the seat cushion is not considered an accessory or other component that can make the lumbar support cushion longer.

The seat cushion is not particularly heavy, but usually only a few pounds. You can easily put it in your home and office. It makes some gel or foam cushions heavier, but the extra weight is not due to the hardness, but the quality of the material.

  • C-shaped and U-shaped cushions

Simply relying on the basic squared cannot make full use of the best handmade cushions. Fin a cushion that tilts the pelvis forward. The sheet supporting the waist bone can reduce squeaking and prevent the spine from bending into a C shape. The wede-shaped foam cushion can rotate the pelvis to a minimum and is simple and dense. While the U-shaped cushion brings more benefit. The U-shaped handmade cushion can leave a cut-out in the tissue behind the pelvis. This shape increases the comfort of healthy people or people with low back pain.

  • Handmade Cushion material

Last but definitely not the least consideration you have to take note in choosing a cushion for your office chair is the material. The two main types of handmade cushion perfect for office setting include foam and gel fillers.

The foam filler is formed by trapping air pockets to produce cushions of different density, hardness and weight. Templates ranging from soft to rigid have excellent cushioning properties because they can absorb loads well and are inexpensive.  Memory foam, on the other hand, has high viscosity and high density, so when it loses weight, it will slowly return to its original shape.

Another type is the gel pad. It is made of jelly material, which can be hard or soft as needed. Gels are mainly liquids, but they behave like solids. This is a kind of quality that helps to change the handmade cushion that needs to be changed. The gel is easy to clean and some weight retains heat.

Those are the considerations you have to make in selecting a cushion for your office chair. Above all, you should take a closer look to the quality of material your handmade cushion has because this will bring comfort to you especially on your posture and spine problems.

If you are looking for the best material for your handmade cushion to support your sitting position, head to Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They have the best cushion fillers and fabrics for your handmade cushions.