Factors To Consider In Buying A Lawn Mower

Factors To Consider In Buying A Lawn Mower

You want to ensure your lawn mower is going to be a good fit for your needs. There are many models and features to choose from, but by focusing on these basics, you will be able to choose the right mower for both your budget and your lawn. Knowing what to look for when purchasing a mower can save you money and frustration down the road.

The most basic aspect of choosing an appropriate mower is the size of your lawn. Larger yards may require a tractor mower, while smaller ones may be more suitable for a push mower. Walk behind mowers are best suited to yards under three quarters of an acre. While yards that are more than half an acre and do not contain various grades are best suited to a self-propelled walking mower. That way you won’t have to do the pushing over hills or rougher patches yourself, you simply guide it. Choosing the right size will also help you keep your fuel costs under control.

Another key aspect of choosing a mower is the size of its engine and mower deck. The size of the mower deck relates to how much grass the lawn mower will cut at each pass. For large yards, having an engine of suitable power and a large lower deck, helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, you don’t want to overshoot your mower’s power and size because that will just cost you money in fuel expenses.

Wheel size is another important consideration in lawn mowers. Standard wheel sizes are good for lawns that are fairly flat and smooth. If your lawn contains rougher terrain and/or many hills, opting for larger rear wheels will make the job much easier.

The same principles for mower engine power and mower deck size apply to riding mowers. If your area is more than three quarters of an acre, a riding mower is a good choice for you.

The new models of mowers can come with many extras, such as mulching the lawn cutting as you go and redistributing them over the lawn. Mowers that also mulch have specially designed blades, which cut the grass into many tiny fragments as you go. If you don’t want this option, make sure your lawn mower bags your grass clippings.

In addition to those basic elements, there are options for solar powered mowers, robotic mowers, and those that come with or without cords. Doing a little bit of research on each of these options will help you determine what’s a good fit for your yard.

Now that you know what to look for when purchasing a lawn mower, you will be able to make the best decision for your yard.


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