A ‘Must See’ Land Based Sports Fishing Movie

As perhaps the world’s oldest sport and pastime, fishing has become more and more popular with both amateur and professional fisherman over the past few decades. Improved equipment and accessibility to remote locations has provided for opportunities to fish from land for some of the oceans most prized fish.

Dirk Hartog Island is located off the Gascoyne coast of Western Australia, within the Shark Bay World Heritage zone. The island is around 650 square kilometres in size and was discovered by Dutch sea captain Dirk Hartog in October 1616. It is well known in Australian history as the first landing point of European explorers on Australian soil.

Situated 19 nautical miles off the coast of Western Australia the island is now considered one of Australia’s premiere eco-tourism destinations. It is often referred to as a rugged, breathtaking ‘fisherman’s paradise’, though there is more than just fishing on offer.

Where the majority of quality fishing footage created these days is filmed in or around boats, this movie focuses entirely on ‘land based’ sports fishing. All of the angling captured and portrayed in this movie is filmed on-shore as a group of experienced fisherman land some of the most sought after table fish in the sea.

You will travel with a group of intrepid, experienced anglers as they visit the “Holy Grail” of land-based sports fishing! Filmed over 4 years, this location is a 30-hour journey from departure to destination. It’s like being right on the spot as they tangle with some of the most prized sport & table fish known to man. Viewers will marvel at the size of huge Baldchin Groper, Spangled Emperor, Pink Snapper, Tailor and many other varieties of fish caught from land alone.

On Dirk Hartog Island there are simply no boats required. The amazing footage captured to create this film is testament to the skills of the anglers, acquired from years of amateur fishing around the continent of Australia. You will be in awe of the harsh scenic beauty of this magnificent island in Australia’s far North West. This is quite simply land-based sport fishing to rival the best boat fishing on the planet.

Witness beach fishing into deep troughs as well as fishing from the tops of cliffs into seemingly bottomless waters where the biggest species roam. Nothing is unreachable for this group of anglers who have fished this island for many years and adapted methods and fine-tuned their skills to overcome any adversity.

Apart from the amazing fishing you will see hatching turtles race to the safety of the water across the beach sand, battling crabs and birds for survival. The vision of wildlife on the island is magnificent including dancing crabs and migrating birds.

Endless documentaries and fishing movies have emerged in recent years showcasing angling all over the globe. “Dirk Hartog Island – Unleashed” is one such movie that takes viewers to one of the most remote and beautiful locations to be found anywhere on the planet.

This is a ‘must see’ film for any fisherman, especially those who understand the effort that goes into planning and travelling to remote destinations. Few places in the world provide the quality angling experience available to visitors of this magnificent island location. The Movie is available online from Amazon.


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