A Buying Guide: How to choose the best wine fridge

Choosing the Best Wine Fridge: A Buying Guide

Getting a wine fridge becomes a big deal when considering some factors. There is a lot to know about storing wine, especially if you intend to store it long-term. 

You must understand that a standard wine cooler refrigerator isn’t a perfect replacement for a wine fridge. Whether you intend to get a wine fridge in your home, bar, or restaurant, you must consider some key factors. 

In this article, you’ll find below some important guides to choosing the best wine fridge. Let’s get down to it without much ado and help you make your selection.

  1. Location

Wine coolers come in varying sizes which is determined by the bottle capacity. Of course, a 12-bottle wine capacity cannot be compared in size to a 30+ wine fridge. The size of the wine fridge you intend to buy should be based on the space you have mapped out for it. 

If there are not enough spaces in your home or bar, you may have to reconstruct your kitchen to give it more space because the wine fridge must not be close to heat-generating appliances such as the oven. You can get a quality, large wine fridge UK for your home or bar. 

  1. How much wine do you want to store?

Fridges come in different capacities. How many wine bottles you want to store will greatly determine how big the wine fridge will be. A wine cellar may be a better option than smaller wine fridges, especially if you’d be storing for a long while. 

There are wine fridges that can contain up to 300 bottles. Unlike wine bottles with metal caps or rubber corks, wine bottles with natural corks would require wine fridges to have horizontal shelves to be kept for a long period.

  1. Price

Don’t be too surprised; the price of wine fridges varies based on size, features, and style. Before spending all your money buying a wine fridge, consider that installation will still incur costs. A built-in wine cooler works consistently and is great for highly sensitive bottles of wine. 

  1. The number of temperature zones

Most wine coolers come with only one zone, implying that all wine bottles will be kept at the same temperature. But, some larger wine fridges may offer dual-zone for different wines. For example, red wine is stored at a different temperature than white wine. 

  1. Noise

If you intend to go for thermoelectric wine fridges, it is quieter than the compressor type but costly. The compressor type is great but noisy because of its high vibration level. Wines stored in thermoelectric wine fridges are well controlled. 

Some home appliances naturally cause noise, so if you are looking forward to reducing the noise in the house, thermoelectric wine fridges should just be your option. 


This buying guide will help you select good wine fridges. Winemakers know that each wine has different storage temperatures. Therefore, the type of cooler you need must be able to maintain a steady wine temperature. After selecting an appliance, read the manufacturer’s instructions, and get a good engineer to install it.