3 Easy Tips on Buying Fake Nails

3 Easy Tips on Buying Fake Nails

There are a lot of stores both online and in the “real world” that sell fake nails. You can get a ton of fake nail designs from anywhere and it is really cheap too, since a lot of fake nails are made in China and some developing countries.

A tip to buying when it comes to this kind of hobby is to buy in bulk or sets. By doing so you can save a lot on shipping and freight costs. For specific details make sure you always ask the retailer up front of these costs. And if you do buy in sets or bulk and you don’t like the other designs just give them away or trade them. I’m sure your friends, family or even children would love to play with them.

Another thing you can do with unwanted fake nails is to strip away the paint that’ comes with it. Strip it off with acetone or other paint remover, making sure you don’t damage the fake nail structure then paint or even airbrush your own designs. This is actually a whole other hobby as you can actually sell your designs to a niche market. But this is beyond the scope and is best explained in a whole other post.

Going back to buying your nails, remember when buying these, they should come with adhesives included. You don’t want to be so excited to get your fake nails and get your bubble burst when you can actually try and wear them on.

And that’s basically it. I’m sure you can’t wait to go buy your own sets of fake nails now and try ’em on. Just don’t forget, go crazy and mix and match them!


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